Not everyone has a lot of money to splurge on a grand mansion, but there are plenty of house designs you can choose to build a dream house even on a tight budget.

1. Keep it Small and Simple

small and simple house

With just enough space for your family, a small and simple house not only costs less to build, it also costs less to maintain.

You’ll be thankful that the small house you picked does not give you headaches on the bills.

2. Build Big But Simple

lot of space for your big family

If you need a lot of space for your big family, you can always opt for a bigger space; however, picking a simple design will cost you less because you won’t have to pay for the extra stuff.

3. Save on Materials

‘bahay kubo’ in the Philippines

Depending on your location, you can save on materials by choosing house designs that use local materials.

This is best exemplified by the ‘bahay kubo’ in the Philippines or this eco house in Turkey.

4. Use Wood

Alright, wood is not always cheap in all places, but if you live in the countryside where wood is affordable, make use of the material.

Wood actually makes beautiful homes; just make sure you’re not in termite-prone areas or just have the wood treated.

5. Industrial-Style Homes

Industrial-Style Homes

This home can be made from a discarded container van. That’s a cheaper alternative, but with the right builders, your home can look so elegant even on a tight budget.

6. Make Use of Stone

 Make Use of Stone

Stone will actually make your house sturdier and beautiful, too. This combination of wood and stone makes this house look like it came from the 16th century, with modern updates.

7. Choose a Minimalist Design

Choose a Minimalist Design

You can still make use of the materials you want for your home, but with a minimalist design like this one, you could easily work on your home even with a small budget.

Source and Image Credits: Homify