When building a house, aside from deciding whether you should build a single-storey or two-storey house, its design is also one of our many concerns.

With all the beautiful big houses you see on the internet, you might be thinking that a big two-storey house is what you need to have a stunning house, but you’re wrong. It may be true that big houses best suit for large families.

However, we already are in this new generation where the size of the house is not the bases of being stunning anymore.

To convince you that with clever planning and design, a single-storey house is all you’ll need to have a stunning house, we compile different single-storey house designs for you.

In here, we’ll be going through classic suburban home designs, contemporary brick homes, high ceiling homes, modern country cottage, minimalist and highly-developed homes, modern classic designs, and exciting holiday getaway.  

These house designs will definitely show you that a single-storey house can equally compete with big houses.

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Exquisite Single-Storey House Designs

So, without further ado, here are 10 photos of different single-storey houses that are exquisitely designed and will make you want to call your architect right away for your house renovations.

Classic red-tile roof house

Contemporary brick home design

High-ceiling home design

Minimalist and highly developed home design with full wall sliding doors

Upgraded modern country house with walls made from stacked stones

Minimalist house design with a different ceiling height

Comfortable compact home with sloping roof design

Traditional suburban home with a twist

Rustic homely look with brick and plaster accent

Contemporary Mediterranean house design

What do you think of the house designs we showed you? Aren’t they beautiful? Which design was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Homify