Modern Yellow House Design (50 sqm) with Lovely Interiors & Fun Exteriors

There are lots of perks to building a house with a modern design. The first is that it is likely to look good no matter where it is built. Second is that you benefit from a house design that puts your comfort and needs into consideration. Just like this modern house with lovely interiors and fun exteriors. It comes with a porch for hanging out, a floor plan with no wasted space, and carefully picked colors.

Accents add interest to the façade without making the place look overwhelming. This place also has two bedrooms, but you can also ask your architect to add an extra room or two if you have a big family.

Nice Porch, Contemporary Design

There are many things that make this house a cozy place to live in, but we just love the yellow exteriors that brighten up the space.

You can add some chairs on the porch, making the place perfect for hanging out.

This house also features sliding glass doors and windows for a sleek look.

Compact Floor Plan, No Wasted Space

If you don’t have the luxury of building a mansion, you don’t have to fret because there are other ways to still have space in your home.

It’s a good idea to create a floor plan to maximize your available space, especially for a small 50 sqm house like this one.

Just like in this home, the main door directly opens to the living room. Another door opens to the kitchen at the back, although you can also opt to have an open plan for the kitchen and living room.

There’s a short hallway from the living room that leads to the bathroom at the end, and the two bedrooms on either side.

Lovely Bathroom

This house features a lovely bathroom that shares space with the toilet. The homeowners put a telephone shower, but you can always add a hot and cold shower in this place.

Different colors are used for the tiles in this bathroom, though you can also opt to stick to one color to make the space look bigger.

The costs of building this house can vary, but it’s likely to start for at least Php1.2 million.

Source: Akv Builders

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